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    ???.:0086-137 2028 3901

    ???:0086-137 2028 3901

    ??, ??:The South Urban Development Zone, Xiantao, Hubei, China

    ??? ??:http://www.xiangxiangm.tw

    Disposable Medical supplies Surgical C-Section Pack Cesarean Section Drapes

    Material: PE film+nonwoven fabric,SMS,SMMS (anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-blood)  Adhesive Incise Area 

                  360°Fluid collection Pouch, Foam band, with Suction port/as request Tube holder Armboard Covers  

    Strong and absorbent disposable sterile drapes ensure an aseptic environment during surgery.
    Totally impermeable to fluids and bacteria.
    Light and tear resistant.
    Adhesive tape keeps the drape in place, yet is easily removed from skin without causing trauma.

    1 Back Table Cover, Reinforced, 150*190cm
    1 Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced, 80*145cm
    2 Leggings
    1 Under  buttocks drape with Pouch
    1 3M EO chemical indicator strip
    1 Baby Blanket
    1 Tape Strips
    1 Utility drapes with tape, Large



    0086-137 2028 3901

    Consult online