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    ???.:0086-137 2028 3901

    ???:0086-137 2028 3901

    ??, ??:The South Urban Development Zone, Xiantao, Hubei, China

    ??? ??:http://www.xiangxiangm.tw

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    Material: PP nonwoven

    Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Green, etc.

    Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

    Note: Customization of special size is available

    Style: Tie or Velcro at collar, one belts at waist, knitted cuffs or elastic cuffs

    Manufacture process: Stitching or ultrasonic sewing

    EO(Ethylene oxide) sterilized

    Package: 1 pc/PE bag, 50 pcs/carton

    CE/ISO13485 certified

    Features: Breathable, waterproof, dust proof, anti-static, bacteria-free etc. It can be wildly used in operating room, laboratory, pharmacy, food industry, electronic industry, house cleaning, etc. 



    0086-137 2028 3901

    Consult online